Digital Me Humanizing the Digital Experience

Digital Me

In today’s hyper-connected world, we are much more than the sum of our parts. We are the aggregate of all our experiences, thoughts, work and relationships.


The Digital Me Approach.

The increasingly rapid pace of technology adoption has created a digital world of its own. In order to compete in this new reality, more and more companies and industries have transformed and accepted the challenges presented by their digital opportunities. However, for us, true Digital Transformation begins with the strategic understanding of Digital Me.

Discovering Your Digital Me

Digital Me is about accepting the truth that the digital and physical worlds have merged into one seamless experience. True digital transformation is the marriage of our real world needs and desires and the digital means to solve them and bring value to them. In either realm, your business is still your business and your customer is still your customer. Digital Me brings together all the data streams in order to map the ideal, end-to-end customer journey and match that with the goals of the business. The Digital Me service focuses on creating meaningful engagements and interactions between the company and its customers that create value for both.

Context is King

The Digital Me discovery audit is the basis of our transformation process. During this audit we uncover and map out all of your digital assets and how they intersect with your customers. This enables us to better plan the optimal context for your engagement with the market.

If only things were that simple. Your company already has multiple systems, silos and business processes which need to be consolidated in order to fulfill what we call context. Creating a frictionless customer experience is a highly complex process.

You will see this as the highly personalized user experiences that your customers expect. Behind the scenes we power this with deep analytics frameworks that track hundreds of KPIs, events and activities that will allow your digital product to anticipate the needs of your customers.

We crunch the constant flow of data so that you will have one point of truth, which in turn is the actionable intelligence we all need to follow in order to optimize engagement and financial results. Business intelligence dashboards display and continually update the context of your business, allowing you to shift your focus from reactive to transformative strategies.

Our approach to digital strategy, which we call Digital Me, influences the relationship between the company and the customer by quantifying the total physical and digital footprint of each entity. In that way the digital offering is in a constant state of evolution, always personalizing and improving the experience for each individual with whom we have built a relationship. We do that by collecting and analyzing all available data and applying the correct logic at each touchpoint in the customer journey in order to maximize conversions.

Mapping Your Digital Me

We launch your transformation program with the Digital Me Discovery (DMD) process. This process is comprised of the DMD Audit, Digital Opportunity Survey and Digital Gap Assessment. We use these tools and the insights provided to map your Digital Me.

What we look at from the customer side is the task or need to be fulfilled, the user identities or personas and the behaviors that we need to accommodate. From the organizations side it’s the product or service that is being made available digitally, the business model and the user experience that needs to match the customers’ expectations.

In addition, and most importantly, the audit uncovers the full range of digital assets and digital breadcrumbs that make up brand equity in the digital space. You may not even know how widespread your digital reputation is, or conversely, how much we need to do to establish it. These are the core strategic components that will serve the business process once it is digitized.

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