The Digital Me Team Framework


The focus of the Digital Me Team Process is to harness the true spirit of innovation in service of our clients business needs and goals.

Nowhere is that more important that in the development of digital strategy and the business goals assessment. The Digital Transformation process is about executing a strategy. The products we create and channels we use are all in service of that strategy, whether it's yours or a strategic plan that we are asked to create.

The outcome of our strategic consultation is a book of strategy and requirements, which is then flowed into the Innovation Process. Spearheaded by a Customer Success Team that includes a product, UX and client success manager, this leadership team is assigned to each client and manages the timeline, deliverables and product development process.





Strategist - Builds a digital strategy based on a solid business model and understanding of your market opportunity

Product Manager - Creates the product plan and manages it through to completion

Client Success Manager - This is your representative on the management team, who will be your point of contact, provide regular updates and schedule review meetings

User Experience Designer - Designs user journeys and experiences enhanced by customer research

Visual and Interaction - Design Beauty, simplicity and functionality are the guideposts of our design process

Technologist - Evaluating and defining the right technology to support the needs of the digital solutions

Information and Systems Architecture - Defining the structure and behavior of the system and creating an information structure that makes it easy for users to discover and find what they are looking for

Developers - Building omni-channel products that bring the team’s vision to life on web, mobile, watches and more, connected to your internal databases and systems as required

Business Intelligence - Designing the analytics framework to capture and analyze customer data, measure and track KPIs, process and output the right data to your dashboards

Content Management - Our team will maintain the content in your website and application, in our offices or yours