How We Work In the Digital Me Framework

How We Work

Our digital transformation process stack has been designed to ensure we start out with the right insights and goals that will allow us to deliver a great product that is embedded with the ability to gain insights that will fuel long term optimization and innovation.


We’re all about getting results in a timely fashion. We believe in, embrace and even create the Big Picture, but there are a lot of quick wins that can be implemented during the process. We are avid practitioners of the lean and agile startup methodology of finding the problem, proposing a solution, testing it, fixing it and iterating often.

Digital Transformation is a deep, challenging and ongoing journey. Our goal is to create a fantastic customer experience that matches your business goals – while taking aim at a moving target. Any time you create a goal in today’s fast-paced digital environment, you have to acknowledge and plan for change along the way. Having a clear strategy and destination in mind is critical, but the quick hits along the way create value and help determine the success of the final product.

What “The Big Picture” Means to Us

Seeing the Big Picture starts out by getting to know the Digital Me of your customers and your organization. By auditing your complete digital footprint, we can map out the   “Digital Context” that connects you organically to your customers. Starting from that customer-centric context, we develop a strategic plan that leads to the design of a customer experience that fulfills the business goals.

Our Digital Transformation

Every project starts with a discovery process that allows us to fully uncover your Digital Me. Our customer onboarding team and strategists will map your online and offline presence in order to create a baseline for moving forward. At that point, if you require strategic consulting and customer experience mapping, we will provide that, or we can move right into the product planning if you are further along the process already.

Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

Digital Me Discovery (DMD)

  • Digital Discovery Audit
  • Digital Opportunity Survey
  • Digital Gap Assessment
Digital Me Discovery
Digital Me Discovery

Digital Strategy

  • Market Opportunities and Advantages
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Success Metrics
  • Market Data, Trends and Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Gaps, Value Propositions and Positioning
  • Brand Relevance
  • Disruption Potential
  • Business Model(s)
Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Customer Experience Design

  • Customer Surveys and Research
  • Customer Digital Me Audit
  • Identifying Customers and Personas
  • Customer Experience Vision and Purpose
  • What is the Customer Job to be Done
  • Value propositions to the customer
  • UX - Generate User Stories and Flows
  • Map the customer journey through the major brand touchpoints of: awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchase and service.
Product Plan
Product Plan

Product Planning

  • Overview of the Product Mix
  • Build Digital Product and Business Roadmap
  • Suggested Platforms
  • Create Progress Measurement Milestones
  • Omni-Channel Information Architecture Overview
  • Prioritize Opportunities
  • Product Release Schedul


  • Brainstorm Solutions
  • Collaborative Ideation
  • UX Flowcharts
  • Interaction Design and UI
  • Visual Design Samples
  • Sketch Out Prototypes
  • Build light, testable prototypes
  • User Testing and Focus groups


  • Finalize Product Development Documentation
  • Finalize Visual Design
  • UI Elements
  • Front End Development
  • Mobile and Web apps
  • Back End Development
  • Platform Set Up and Configuration
  • Customer Database
  • Test Designs for Omni-Channel Responsiveness
Go To Market
Go To Market

Go to Market

  • IT and Cloud Set up and monitoring
  • Customer Engagement Monitoring
  • Promotions Database or platform integration
  • Content Management
  • Ecommerce Performance Enhancement
  • Benchmarking
Analyze and Iterate
Analytics & Iteration


  • Data Collection
  • KPI, Events and Activity Tracking
  • Analytic platforms activation


  • Dashboard Set Up for KPI and events Reporting
  • Share insights
  • Determine which benchmarks are not being met
  • Agile product releases until all benchmarks are met
Our Innovation Model

Our Innovation Model

We ideate, design, and pilot test applications meant to delight users and generate significant business results. Our thirst for experimentation, testing and iteration are fuel applied to disrupt. Once we have positive results, we will flow the project back through the Digital Me work process and bring our disruptive innovation to the market.

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Stage VDisruption

  • Innovate

Stage IVRefinement

  • Analyze and Iterate

Stage IIICreation

  • Go To Market
  • Develop

Stage IIFoundation

  • Design
  • Product Plan
  • Customer Experience

Stage IOpportunity

  • Digital Me Discovery
  • Digital Strategy