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ADHD Management

The Challenge

In order to enhance the treatment and monitoring of children with ADHD, an application was developed that enables greater communication between parents and the physicians.  The app tracks the child's therapeutic process and provides better management of drug dosages, improving the quality of life for the child and parents. We faced two challenges with iCon. One was building a single application that externalizes the appropriate data for both parents and physicians, with each end receiving the relevant data. Second was building a system of individually customized questionnaires for the patient by the physician, so that the parents can respond to the questionnaire and receive results displayed in graphs of progress.

The Solution

The process starts with the physician registering a patient and parent in the system and deciding how to track on a customized basis. Parents register in the app, finding their child already in listed. The parent answers an initial questionnaire and receives regular reminders for administering medication. We set up a secure server system, including content management for the application and website content, push notifications reminding parents to give medication and to fill out questionnaires make the tracking more effective. Each action performed by the parent in the application is displayed in the doctor's application, in an area specific to each patient.

The iCON Application

This mobile app has very effectively raised awareness about the treatment and management of ADHD for parents, and simplified tracking the treatments for the doctors. A research process has been initiated at a number of hospitals to determine exactly how it helps manage the treatment of children with ADHD.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Icon has very effectively raised awareness about the treatment and management of ADHD for parents and simplified tracking the treatments for the doctors. Research in underway to determine how it helps manage treatment of children.



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