Model for Innovation and Disruption

Disruption Model

Our Innovation Model is based in the Team of Rivals concept. Many extraordinary strategic thinkers with their own ideas coming together to solve problems.

Our key asset in the pursuit of digital innovation rests with our team of highly experienced startup professionals, who have created disruptive technologies and services and exited successful companies. Our strategic team works together and from their own unique vantage points, harness their creativity to find exciting and disruptive solutions.

We are also committed to working hand in hand with our client teams in order to reach the best business solution that fits our clients and their customers.



Our Innovation Model - a Team of Rivals

We ideate, design, and pilot test applications meant to delight users and generate significant business results. Our thirst for experimentation, testing and iteration are fuel for change. Once we have positive results, we will flow the project back through the Digital Me work process and bring our innovation to the market.

We begin the process with a beer and pizza infused hackathon weekend, clients are invited!

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