How Digital DNA Serves Your Brand

How Digital DNA Serves

For every action, there is an equal and delightful reaction in return.


The overlaps and intersections of your Digital Me and your customers Digital Me are all potential points of interaction and communication. Each type of interaction requires the generation a specific type of communication. We use your Digital DNA as the basis for crafting meaningful user experiences, transactions and long term relationships.

When Interests Meet and Create a Delightful Outcome

Without delight in the reaction mix, the digital relationship will terminate.

For every interaction in the digital realm, there are a number of forces acting upon the interacting entities. The amount of energy and intention on the first entity must be matched by the energy and intention of the second entity.

The intention of the first entity must be understood and answered in the correct context by the second entity. Context and Interaction always comes in pairs of equal and opposite delightful reactions.