We Make Digital Transformation: Our Handmade Services

Our Services

It starts with your digital strategy and ends with a market-ready digital platform or application. In between we innovate using agile, iterative design and development practices.

Your Digital Challenges

Are you looking to disrupt or adapt?


Our team of strategic consultants and analysts will guide you through an in-depth Digital Challenge Assessment to help you better understand the competitive environment into which you are launching your digital initiative. We will help you clarify your organizational strengths and weaknesses as we explore the way forward on your digital transformation.

As part of the assessment, we will perform a Technology Audit to identify gaps in your organizational IT infrastructure and work processes. The end result is a well framed Digital Challenge Analysis with the primary threats and opportunities fully explored. 

Strategic Consultation    

Planning your digital transformation


We start our engagement with a 360˚ strategy and business model assessment that is based on the intersection of your business goals and the needs, interests and aspirations of your target customers. Our focus is on enhancing your relevance in the market by solving the most significant pain points of your customers and providing you the marketing context in which we can continually optimize business performance together.

We will work with you to present and resolve critical brand, business model, product and customer experience issues and drive growth for your business.

Orchestrating Change with Big Data

Fine tuning the noise of the crowd

Total digital business transformation is more than anything else, powered by analytics and insights that drive sustainable change. We deploy an assortment of advanced analytic tools and platforms, adapted to track your specific KPIs and measure the events and transactions that are meaningful for your business.

More than that, your organization will be made ready to embrace our enhanced analytics and utilize data dashboards in the daily decision making processes. The tools are becoming so advanced with machine learning and AI capabilities, that much of the daily flow of interactions with your customers can be predictive, not just reactive. This allows your team to spend more time on planning and strategy and less time on managing the system

Promoting Innovation    

Innovation and disruption is in our DNA

Digging deep into our Israeli startup nation DNA, we hold weekend hackathons and startup grinds in our Innovation Lab for our developers and the greater community of creative minds who love to solve business problems with the application of technology.  Our breadth of technical and industry knowledge provides you a constant flow of innovation.

We love the challenge of upending assumptions, business models and expectations and bringing innovative solutions from a popcorn, pizza and soda infused 72-hour crunch demo to a fully realized product. Our innovation center is designed to support your enterprise with ideation, creative strategy, design, development, prototyping, iteration and optimization.

eCommerce and Retail Solutions

Content-rich, high-performance digital retail

Sygnific's team of ecommerce specialists builds innovative retail commerce platforms for leading brands in apparel/fashion, footwear, toys, electronics, jewelry and food. Utilizing Magento development and other best-in-breed technologies, we provide our clients enhanced revenue growth through data-driven design, development, and optimization.


Our feature-rich e-commerce platforms provide scalability and flexibility and offer merchants complete control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channels. Using Magento enables the creation of high-performance e-commerce stores for companies to sell their products and services online, that integrate with existing product data and structure, creating a solution that covers every aspect of their business.